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Why pedicures aren’t just for summertime

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Winter Pedicures at Pin-Up Curls Fort Wayne

The seasons are changing, which means flip-flops are out and closed-toe shoes are in. However, just because our feet aren’t out for everyone to see doesn’t mean it’s time to stop caring for them. On the contrary, pedicures are probably most important during fall/winter. We tend to take care of them more when they are constantly on display, but what if we took care of them all year round!?

During summer, our feet tend to crack, peel, callus, and so on because we usually walk barefoot, swim, etc. Once we cover them with shoes, it’s definitely “out of sight, out of mind”!! Unfortunately, that makes things a little more complicated once summer returns and you notice your feet are feeling rough!!

Pedicures are one of the most amazing things you can do for self-care around this time!! The colder it gets, the dryer our skin gets, and what’s nice about our pedicures is that an exfoliating treatment is always included!! So once a month, you could remove most of the dead skin that piles on during winter. (Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about!! I know you see that white dust when you take your socks off!!).

If you have any medical issues, such as diabetes, MS, etc, winter is a necessary time to keep up with pedicures. The warm water and towels will help with circulation and the massage and exfoliation will help with blood flow in your legs and feet.

Now, I’m not saying you must polish your toes during the winter; for the most part, I know you’re probably one of the only ones seeing them. But still taking care of them during the “off-season” will help keep them softened and make it easier to manage when summer comes back around. Also, Keeping up with cuticle care will help benefit nail health and growth, and cleaning under the nail-free edge will help prevent the hardening and thickening of the nails.

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Fort Wayne Nail Artist

What’s really nice is the aftercare of a pedicure during winter; it’s easier to wear moisturizing socks and use a variety of our masks while still being able to wear shoes and such!! There are so many more benefits regarding pedicures besides pretty toenails and soft heels. I’ll say it time and time again: pedicures are a need, not a want. You only have your feet once, so why not care for them as best as possible? Schedule an appointment with any of our fantastic nail technicians, and they’ll be sure to keep you moisturized, exfoliated, and fresh all year long.

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