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What To Expect

About Your Appointment

Vivd hair color appointments are different from other kinds of color appointments. Most Vivid appointments consist of a double process. One process to lighten your hair and a second process to apply and deposit the color of your choice. Because of this double process, these appointments tend to take quite a bit longer and are more expensive. All Vivid Colors require a consultation prior to the actual service. During your pre-service consultation, we will give you our best time and cost estimate.  Most Vivid color appointments tend to be about 4 hours long. The cost will depend on your hair's density, length, the amount of product used and the difficulty of the design chosen.


We offer a variety of salty and sweet snacks along with a plethora of drink options during your appointment.  This is a long time to be hanging with your Curl at the salon, please feel free to bring your own snacks or a drink to your appointment as well. 

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Before Your Appointment

Please come to your appointment with clean, dry hair. Shampoo and condition your hair like you normally would.


Hair inspiration pictures can be super helpful when it comes to custom designing your color placement and custom creating your color, so try to find a few different pictures to show your stylist so everyone can be on the same page.

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The First 48 Hours

Avoid washing your hair for the first 48 hours to allow your hair to soak up the color as much as possible and help with the longevity of your vivid colors.

• It is normal for your hair color to stain and transfer onto pillowcases and clothing before the first wash or even after. Take caution wearing light colors and using white towels/pillowcases until the color no longer transfers.

• Vivid colors fade with every wash, so it is normal to see color in the shower (especially that first good shampoo). Embrace the fade, and enjoy all the tones of your color as it fades.

• Avoid hot tools for the first 48 hours to help your color last as long as possible


Your Color: Lightening

Your hair will need to be lightened to a fairly light shade of blonde to let your vivid color show up. This process can be hard on your hair. Sometimes your hair will feel dry or less soft after your appointment. At Pin-Up Curls we value the health of your hair over anything else, so some colors or shades may take a few appointments to achieve.


Your Color: Longevity

Our Vivid Colors tend to last up to 12 washes, keep in mind that “the lighter the shade, the quicker the fade”. When it comes to pastel shades, expect them to last only one to two washes. Our color line is formulated to fade out over time and formulated to look nice as it fades as well. When it comes to pastels, going a few shades darker than your goal may be better so that you do have more time with your color before it starts to fade. Darker colors (like blues and purples) last a lot longer in hair due to the size of the color molecules. They are more of a commitment. If you are looking for something that is easier to fade or see your vivid color as something more short term, please let your stylist know so they can make the right suggestions and help choose the right color for your lifestyle.

vivd hair color.PNG

Your Color: Color Jumping

There may come a time when you will want to change your color to something new. When changing to a new color, it is more gentle on your hair to follow the color wheel. If you think of a rainbow, each color is sandwiched between two other colors (eg: red between purple and orange) - those are the colors easiest to change to, whereas going from a green to a red is significantly more difficult. When you know you will be wanting to make a change, let your stylist know so that they can be sure to book enough time for your fun change.

• Color Removal: When it comes to removing your color, either to change colors or to go back natural or blonde, know that this can also be a process. As stated earlier, some colors hold on longer due to the size of the color molecule and may need extra time and care to remove .

color wheel.png


• Cool water washes- Cool water keeps your hair cuticle more closed, letting those color molecules stay on the hair longer, staying vibrant longer.

• Washing less- This may take some training, but using dry shampoo is going to be your saving grace. Vivid colors fade a little bit with each wash, so washing as little as possible is going to help your color last exponentially.

• Color Lock or L2 leave in spray- Sculpture and Illuminate mixed together makes our color locking system. This product duo or L2 leave in will INSTANTLY close your cuticle, locking in color, moisture, and your healthy hair products used before it. This combo will help your color last up to 30% longer!

• Beautifying Elixirs Shampoo and Conditioner- Our shampoo and conditioners are formulated to help your color last as long as possible, no need to wash that color all down the drain with drugstore brands (like Pantene and Aussie). Beautifying Elixirs shampoo and conditioner will also help heal your hair from the inside out - heat damage, color damage, environmental damage. We have two great options specialized for your fun vibrant hair. Bodify is our more lightweight formula, focusing on body and volume. Moisture Intense will focus more on moisture and intense repair.

• Heat protectant- Using a heat protectant (like Retain) and a lower heat setting will help from burning the vivid pigment off of your hair shaft. This also helps protect your hair from heat damage and prevents breakage.

• UV Protection- Use a hairspray with UV protection (like Tame or Elevate) to protect your hair from fading due to the sun, or even wear a cute hat!

• Color toning hair mask- Ask your stylist if you might be a good candidate for a custom salon grade toning hair mask for at home use These masks can be great for color longevity and hair health if you’re staying all one color for a long period of time.


• Chlorine and saltwater - These will strip color out almost instantly. Get those scrunchies and claw clips ready to pull that hair up!

• Hot water shampooing- Using hot water will fade your color so much faster, but is great when you are ready to switch colors and your next appointment is coming up .

Are you ready to bring on the 

Click below to schedule your pre-service consultation. There will be a $20 charge at this appointment. Plan on spending 30 minutes to discuss your wants and expectations. We can wait to make your colorful dreams come true.


Tori, Aby and Maci

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