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Long Hair, Don't Care

Are you ready for an upgrade?

We are proud to offer Perfectress Beaded Wefts and Hand-tied extensions to meet your every day budget and desired appearance.


Learn more about the methods we offer below!


Beaded Weft

  • Quick install time, around 30 minutes per row, for guests who need a fast appointment and/or an evening appointment. You will arrive with clean, dry hair for these appointments. (For more information, click on the intake button "let's go" at the bottom of this page.) 

  • Best suited for guests who need a more budget -friendly extension service. 

  • Available in 14" to 22" lengths

  • Option to turn into a clip-in extensions.

  • Custom placement by your extension artist.

  • Maintenance appointments every 6-8 weeks.

  • $600-$2,000 for the initial appointment. (Pricing is subject to change.)



  • Install time is about 1 hour per row, with added time of 1.5hrs for takeout, shampoo, reinstall, blow-dry, cut, and style. 

  • Available in 14" to 22" lengths

  • Custom placement by your extension artist.

  • Expertly placed for the perfect, natural fall.

  • Offers the most natural, easy-to-style, final           result compared to other methods.

  • Hand-tied hair is more full to help fill the gaps better and look more realistic. 

  • Follow up maintenance appointments every  6-8 weeks.

  • $700-$3,000 for the initial appointment. (Pricing is subject to change.)

Frequently asked

How do I know which method to choose?
We can help with that! Start scrolling down and reading through the extension services we offer.  Once you fill out the digital consultation, a member of our team will assist you in finalizing your selections.
How often will I have to come in?
To prevent damage and breakage, you'll need come in to move your extensions up every 6-8 weeks. 
Do all of your stylists offer extensions?
They don't, but  if you scroll down you'll see a listing of who is certified in each method and we are happy to assist you in finding a stylist that meets your needs.
What length of NATURAL hair can extensions be installed to?
In most scenarios, if your hair is chin length or shorter, extensions cannot be applied for length or fullness as they will not seamlessly blend. If your hair is below your chin, we may be able to apply extensions to your hair. 
I workout and swim. Can I still have extensions?

Yes! While working out tie your hair in a ponytail or braid to avoid tangling and matting. While swimming your hair in braid to avoid tangling and matting.


*Note: sunscreen containing avobenzone can oxidize on the extension hair and turn it pink. Be sure to use sunscreen that does not contain this ingredient like a mineral sunscreen. 

How much will my extensions cost?
Extensions range in price from $700-$3000. We only use high quality hair and methods that won't damage your hair. You're investing in a superior product and application method when you work with our team.
Will my hair be super long?
That is completely up to you. We offer extensions for length , density, style or combination of all three. We are able to get high-quality hair for you at several lengths to meet your hair needs and we are experts at blending for natural results.
If my hair is sparse through the top of my head, can I still have extensions?
In general extensions cannot be applied over the parietal ridge for volume or thickness because they will not be easily hidden. Therefore, if your hair is extremely sparse all over, or through the top, getting a crown installed or a wig may be the best option for you. When you invest in a luxury service like extensions, no one should know you have extensions unless you tell them!
How quickly can I get my extensions installed?
This solely depends on the extension artists schedule availability. In general, there is a 4-8 week wait time for install. 
I currently go to another salon for color. Can I still get my extensions done?
In general, it is best that your hair is colored, cut, and installed by the same stylist for ease of service and to ensure a seamless blend.  


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