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Our Story

Pin-up Curls was started on a foundation of friendship. Erin, Jeni, Sam and Shenna started Pin-Up Curls in 2011. Why? Because they believed in each other and believed that a hair salon could be more than a hair salon. It could be a home, a family, a place to empower. They wanted their guest and fellow team members to feel they can be whoever they want to be. They believed in being nice! Treat everyone with respect and kindness. We are not perfect, if someone is upset, we learn! We want your experience with us to be just that, an amazing experience! We are committed to education. We not only train technically such as haircuts and color, but we do a lot of customer service training as well. We believe you are always a student and never the master. We believe in our community! Fort Wayne is awesome!   We love supporting local businesses by hosting pop up shops, inviting businesses into our home for special events, and highlighting local businesses in our photo shoots. Finally, we believe in giving back. We have donated thousands of dollars to local organizations and Livestrong. We believe in FUN! Kids are on to something, so why should we grow up??? We dress up for every holiday, we laugh a lot and we truly believe we have the best work environment. If you believe in these things, we are the Salon for you!

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