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What should I know about Body Waxing?

We offer a variety of waxing services at Pin-Up Curls. If you are new to Body Waxing, there are a few things you should know prior to your service. Number one, if you're waxing for the first time, especially for a vacation, you'll want to have 2 -3 appointments prior to your vacation. Hair grows on different cycles. It takes a few appointments to get the hair all on the same growth pattern. Secondly, we recommend an appointment 3-7 days prior to your vacation to make sure your body doesn't have a reaction to the wax. Waxing is a fast service that is preformed in under 30 minutes. It can be a little uncomfortable but the good news is that every time it becomes easier and easier as your hair thins out. Feeling a little apprehensive? Rest assured your privacy and comfort are our priority. All body waxing services are performed in private rooms and we provide sheets and robes to protect your modesty.

Here a re a few more things you should know prior to your waxing appointment.


-gently exfoliate 48 hours before your appointment! Removing dead skin cells on the surface ensures that the wax adheres properly, reducing the amount of in-grown hairs.

-Wear loose clothing to avoid irritation after your service.

-Let your hair grow out to at least 1/4”(the length of a grain of rice or typically 2-3 weeks of growth)

-Follow up with our recommended aftercare guidelines for best results.


-Touch the area for the first 24-48 hours.

-Shave or trim between appointments!

-Go in a hot tub, sauna, no hot baths/showers 24-48 hours after your service.

-Use lotions day of

-Tan 24/48 hours after

-Forget to schedule your next appointment! Remember, it takes up to 3 waxing treatments for hair to be on the same growth cycle.

❤️Emme S


Are you ready for your first Body Wax?

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