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Tips and Tricks for Curly Hair

"I wish I could take you home with me!" Do you ever find yourself saying this to your stylist because you love the way they do your hair? We hear this all the time. For us stylists at Pin Up Curls, we take that as a learning experience. We want to teach you how to “take your look home with you.” With the trend of natural, or lived-in hair we have found more and more people wanting to learn how to work with their natural texture/curls. We are here to help.

Here are some tips and tricks that work great for curly hair care. If you do these already, pat yourself on the back, but if not, here are some new tools for your tool belt:

1.) There is no reason to shampoo your hair every day. Curly hair naturally lacks moisture so your hair needs time to build up its natural sebum (oil).

2.) Using a clarifying shampoo like Eufora's Urgent Repair Shampoo is going to get all the product build-up off of the scalp and hair strands.

The conditioner needs to be moisturizing and/or hydrating. Apply mid-strands to the ends to add moisture without weighing down your curls.

3.) When your conditioner is on in the shower, use a wide tooth comb or a wide tooth wet brush to help with getting the tangles out.

4.) Using a microfiber towel or a t-shirt will help with getting water out of the hair. A normal terry cloth towel will cause friction and make the hair strand frizz.

5.) Here is a HUGE tip..put your product in when your hair is sopping wet.

Product Tips:

1.) Leave-in conditioner or serum is a great way to add in moisture without rinsing out the hair. (Eufora’s Leave-in Hydration or Beautifying Serum)

2.) Adding Gel (Eufora’s Sculpture) will add a high shine and high hold.

3.) My personal favorite is a cream for the hair (Eufora’s Behave) that helps with fly always, natural shine, and soft hold.

4.) Foam vs. Mouse: The more it expands in your hand, the more alcohol is in the product which dries out your curls. If you like the feeling of a mouse try our foam (Eufora’s Curl Define solution).

When you put any products in your hair you want to be heavy-handed. When you think you have enough… ADD MORE! You want to be loaded to where you can hear it when you're scrunching your hair. That’s when you know it’s enough.

A diffuser will be your bestie. Sit down. Flip your head over and don’t move around your hair or the dryer. Be gentle to your curls. 30 seconds on scrunching with the diffuser, then slowly move to the next section. If you need to go back to that section you can. (High heat/ medium blast.)

Last Few Tips to Remember:

1.) Your curls need to be fully dry to touch them. If not they will become limp or frizzy.

2.) If you would like to touch your curls, go for it but make sure you have something on your hands like a serum so you aren’t making your hair frizzy.

3.) Have a few curls that aren’t doing what you want? Feel free to grab a curling iron and touch up a few curls. This is a fun tip on your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-day curls!

4.) A curly haircut will start losing its shape in 8-10 weeks. Regular trims are important to make sure that you keep the shape that you love.

5.) Conditioning treatments are an amazing way to upgrade your hair, especially being a curly girl. You can find those on our indulge menu at Pin Up Curls. Treat yourself, girl!

We hope some of these tips and tricks will help your curl/texture hair care needs. If you try any of these curly girl tips we want to celebrate you. Let us see. Tag a selfie on Instagram @pinupcurlssalon or Facebook Pin-Up Curls Salon! We look forward to seeing your success. Have a curly day

❤️ Aby Yarde


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