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They don’t call it a MANicure for nothing!

When you think of a nail salon, I’m sure you think of the froufrou side: the bubbles and fragrant aromas. I’m here to debunk this whole “Nails are only for women” idea. Let’s take a step back and really look at why manicures and pedicures are more of a necessity and not just a want! For men and women!! If you struggle with calluses, hangnails, dry skin, peeling nails, smelly feet, ingrown nails, arthritis, diabetes, and more, manicures and pedicures are for you!! I would suggest getting a pedicure at least once a month to help prevent any damage or uncomfortable situations. What’s nice is you wouldn’t have to worry about getting polish unless that was something you wanted! We focus more on making sure you’re leaving feeling 180% better. Softening calluses, exfoliating dry skin, removing ingrown nails, and cutting down the nails as short as possible while avoiding knicks and cuts. Cuticles are always a big one, too! Keeping them softened and pushing them back will make a difference in appearance and honesty; when it comes to manicures, you know chances are you will be shaking someone’s hand within the next few days, so why not take care of your hands? We see people all over the spectrum, from construction workers to pastors to lawyers. I can guarantee they all will say the same thing: “It makes a difference. “ and “I’ll never go back to not getting one!” Unfortunately, our hands and feet aren’t just something we can take off and replace (unless you have to do that bionically). But how about we take care of what’s already given to us? Keeping up with your manicures and pedicures is very important. Using lotion and cuticle oil will be your best friend. Our cuticle oil pens are jam-packed with vitamin E and will replenish your dry skin, while our waterproof lotion will act as a sealer! Also, it does NOT make you less manly to take care of yourself, be the man you deserve to be, and pamper yourself, guys! Don’t worry; we won’t judge you if you want a little polish change ;-)

Are you ready to book your first nail appointment? Let's do it. Click book now in the link below.

❤️ Hunter


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