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The reasons why you should not purchase your beauty products from a third-party retailer.

Nothing is worse than going to your closet, cupboard, or vanity when you’re getting ready and realizing you need more of that product you love ASAP. We get it, shopping online and getting products delivered straight to your door is so convenient… and sometimes cheaper. Let’s talk about why buying your beauty products from Amazon, Walmart, etc., may not be the best choice.

Lack of Authenticity and Counterfeit Products

Sellers sometimes dilute the product with other ingredients to stretch further. One of risks associated with using counterfeit products are that any added ingredients wouldn’t be listed on the ingredient label. An allergic reaction could occur from any added ingredients, and it would be difficult to find out what caused it. Some fillers can cause unwanted build-up on the hair, causing problems with tangling, oily appearance/feel to the hair or a wax barrier on the hair that would cause your hair to melt when hot tools are applied. Fillers added to skincare or makeup could cause an adverse allergic reaction, clogged pores, etc. Verifying the authenticity of products sold by a third-party retailer can be difficult.

Unreliable Sellers and Product Quality

There is a wide range of sellers, including unreliable ones. There is potential for receiving expired or damaged products as there is a lack of control over how they are stored and handling conditions during shipping. Most beauty brands will only sell their products directly through their website to select salons, supply houses for licensed professionals, and licensed beauty distributors for professionals. If the third-party retailer is not physically listed as a seller or “where to buy” on the brand’s website, be weary of legitimacy.

Limited Product Knowledge and Expert Advice

As licensed professionals, we pride ourselves on the knowledge of the products we stand behind and our understanding of what each guest’s skin or hair specifically needs. When you purchase online, there is an absence of professional guidance. The benefits of consulting with your stylist or skin care provider before purchasing products are that you know exactly what your hair or skin needs to be the best it can be, and you are also taught how to use them properly. Professional products are more expensive but last longer than drugstore products and are better for your body, skin, hair, and beauty budget when used correctly.

Inadequate Return and Refund Policies

Returning beauty products to another retailer can present some challenges. If the product has been used or damaged, it may not be eligible for return. There may be a timeframe in which the product may be returned, shipping costs, or restocking fees associated with a return; the customer may be unable to return the product if it was not authentic to begin with and could face difficulties communicating with the seller.

At Pin-Up Curls, we proudly offer our guests a 100% product guarantee. If you have purchased from us and have used your product a few times and don’t like it, or your can of hairspray won’t spray because there is a nozzle or aerosol issue after a few uses, you can return or exchange your product with us.

Supporting Local Businesses and Salons

When you support your local salon and businesses, you invest in a person(s). It allows us to continue investing in our education so that we can evolve our craft and make the best recommendations for you that we possibly can. We genuinely want the best for you. When you purchase your products from us, you receive personalized advice and recommendations to make your routine easier, solve any challenges you may have, or enhance your already amazing hair, skin, or nails!

Purchasing beauty care from other retailers presents many drawbacks. The inauthenticity, unreliability, lack of expertise, and difficult exchange policies prove that they cannot properly stand behind the products sold and ultimately are not looking out for the customers’ best interests. Ultimately, we encourage you to talk with your beauty professional and consider alternative options before purchasing your personal care online.

❤️ Alyssa Sellers


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