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Oh I love that idea! Do you have a picture?

How often are you asked that question at the salon? Almost every time? Good. That is one way us stylists can make sure we are on the same page as you! And what’s even better? Having multiple pictures!

Why? Of course we want you to be happy with your hair and it’s very hard (like impossible) to

give you exactly what that Pinterest picture looks like.

1. We weren’t the stylist that took that picture.

2. Most likely your starting points are completely different.

3. There’s a good chance a lot of Pinterest pictures are edited with filters.

So why is it so important to bring a handful of pictures in? We can agree on what’s best for the health of your hair, lifestyle and beauty budget.

It may take multiple sessions to get to your dream hair, but I promise we will stay open and

communicate every step of the way! So yes, create that Pinterest board of hair dreams and let’s look at all of the pictures together!

~Alissa Serres


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