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How do you preserve a manicure?

There are a few things to help preserve a manicure. One of the biggest ways is to use your cuticle oil. By using cuticle oil, not just one time but once to twice a day, it helps the dryness of the cuticle. A dry cuticle can lead to peeling polish and unhealthy nails. When you use your cuticle oil and you’ll find that your manicure will last longer. Another big way to help preserve your manicure is to wear gloves when cleaning and washing the dishes. By doing so it will prevent unwanted chemicals and water from soaking into your nails. Chemicals not only cause dry skin but can dry out your cuticles and nails. This causes chipping, cracking, and overall very weak nails. Water soaking into the nail will cause very weak nails. Which will lead to chipped and cracked nails as well. If you do notice that your manicure is chipping and/or lifting there are ways to still preserve it till your next appointment. One way is to file the edges that are lifting and to apply a regular top coat. Another way to keep the polish if your appointment isn’t anytime soon is to call in and schedule a top coat service.

At this appointment we will file your nail, correct the problem and apply a top coat. Hope these tips help. Can't wait to see you!

❤️ Amber Mullins

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