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Does Heatless Curlers Really Work???

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

We love them. They are a great option for creating perfect waves & curls without the heat damage!

  • Keeps your hair frizz-free & prevents breakage.

  • Simple to use and can be worn day or night!

  • Perfect for chin length hair or longer.

I bet you're thinking ..."It's easy for you because you're a hair stylist.", right? If you don't believe us, check out our Curlfriend Karen's testimonial. She is in love. PS...Karen is a very busy mom of 4 boys and a middle school teacher. She recently purchased our Kitsch Heatless Curling Iron Set.

Karen said "IMPRESSED"

How to use:

No special skills needed. Just take 5 minutes to place the curling rod on your hair and start wrapping and secure with scrunchies. That’s it! No buttons, no settings, no temperatures to watch out for. If only everything could be that easy.

You will sleep with this in your hair. *DON'T USE ON SOAKING WET HAIR.

Your hair will need to be slightly damp. Imagine how your hair may feel after it gets a little wet from rain. You can achieve this by using a spray water bottle or 80% drying your hair after you wash it.

Perks of this product:

You will create an amazing style along with protecting your hair. Did you know you should pull your hair back in a loose bun or braid every night? Also using a silk pillowcase helps reduce damage and frizz created by cotton pillow cases.

This product is a win win. The material of this heatless curler is a soft, silky satin material which glides through your hair without pulling or breakage plus your hair is neatly pulled back while you sleep.

Unlike hot styling tools that can damage your hair, the heatless curler lets you get the look without the frizz.

If you're ready for healthy waves and curls, you can pick up your very own Heatless Curler Set at Pin-Up Curls for $18. Available in store or you can shop our online boutique.

Watch the video below to learn how to use the Heatless Curling Set.

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