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Do you style your hair before you go to sleep at night?

No, I don't mean curling or straightening.. I mean a protective style! When we go to sleep at night our hair is prone to damage more than we think.

Before I became a cosmetologist, I never practiced a protective sleep style. When I went through school, I learned different ways to make sure I kept my hair as healthy as possible.

Here are some things you may not know...

● When we move around while sleeping, friction occurs on our hair strand. This will over time weaken and eventually break our hair. Frizz can also occur from this.

● Washing your hair at night is 100% ok! But going to sleep with your hair wet is a no no. When your hair is wet, it is in its most fragile state. The elasticity of your hair is very weak, so when we toss and turn and add friction to the mix we are highly susceptible to breakage.

● Applying Eufora's Beautifying Serum to your ends will help add in moisture and cut out frizziness at night!

● Try putting your hair into two loose braids down by your nape and secure with a Scrunchie. Tight elastics will overtime cause breakage, Scrunchies will give your hair some room to move about.

● Use a silk pillowcase! Silk is a more gentle fabric rather than cotton. Which prevents, you guessed it.. friction!!

We all love investing in our hair. Coming up with a protective styles will help with the longevity of that investment. If you ever have any questions ask any of the stylists! We would love to find what works for you. We also have accessories in our boutique to help promote protective styles.


- Two loose braids down by nape area

- Two pigtails with hair twisted around each other

- A loose french braid

- Heatless Curls. (wrap around a sock, robe belt, or our Heatless Curl Set here at the salon)

❤️Adrienne Hall

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