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Ever wonder why you should get pedicures regularly?

Sometimes they are just for relaxation, but really they are for self care and health reasons.

RELAXING is important, and a lot of you just DON'T! One way to do such is with a pedicure.

During your pedicure, we focus on:

1.) Callus removal.

They totally change the way you stand and walk! (Not many realize it).. Personally, I have a heart throb 💗💗💗for the callus removal... The smoother the better!!!

I love to stand by my moto of:

"If your feet can rip and/or grip your sheets when I'm done...

I didn't do my job!" ~Lisa Marie

2.) Keeping skin moisturized.

These particular steps are necessary for those cracks and dry feet. (Paraffin treatments are perfect for fast acting)...

Adding THE CUTICLE OIL will help with your cuticles and your overall nail health! (Hard skin around your toes? CUTICLE OIL!!)

3.) Ingrown Nails

😟 pains from these not only hurt but can get infected.

It is important to keep up on proper nail care!

4.) Helps with blood circulation

5.) Pretty polished toes💅🦶 bc we all love the way our feet/toes look after a pedicure!

6.) Reflexology, it may help you understand your body a little more and help release any pains in the foot itself ☺️


We love on your feet. Remember feet are important and THEY KEEP YOU UP ALL DAY!

❤️Lisa DeMoe


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