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How to come back from damaged hair

You know damaged hair when you see it—and feel it. You might have visible breakage and split ends, dry hair that’s brittle to the touch, an overall dull and lifeless style, and probably some extra frizz. Before you can begin to repair your damaged hair, you have to admit you most likely have a problem, and how that problem came about so it doesn’t happen again!

Damaged hair can look different on different hair types, but there are a few things that are quite standard across the board. Visible split ends, or splits in hair mid-shaft, breakage, and dry hair that feels coarse and brittle are all telltale signs of damage. Sometimes a big chop is necessary.. but not in all cases. Your stylist will be able to communicate that with you!

Don’t panic. It is totally possible to help heal some of that hair damage as well as prevent future breakage. A few small changes can make a big difference to the health of your hair. Some examples of those changes could be integrating vitamins, professional shampoo & conditioner and even a weekly deep conditioning mask. I recommend regular trims. Use Eufora's Beautifying Serum in your hair at night. Limit hot tool usage if possible. Alway use a heat protector and turn down that heat when using hot tools!

There’s also some really cute “no heat” styles on Pinterest or you can also ask your stylist while you’re in .

❤️ Gabby Krieder


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