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Hey there, I'm

Jeni Chandler

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If you’ve been a guest of Pin-Up Curls for a long time, my face is familiar. For those that don’t recognize me; here’s my story. 


I love customer service.  I had the amazing fortune to start along with my three best friends when Pin-Up Curls started and have been on the journey ever since. I pride myself with loving systems and in fact creating most of the ones our Guest Sales Team uses to this day.  Back in my day, I was the front desk.  I answered the phones, checked guests out, did inventory counts and usually passed foils or swept hair to pass the time. 


As we gained our momentum, I had to step away from the desk and focus more on the behind the scenes tasks! That’s where you will find me today.  Sitting in my pink office, paying bills, ordering products, doing payroll and my least favorite inventory control!


As Pin-Up Curls has grown so has my need to become a coach and leader.  I have the honor of coaching our team of leaders to ensure that our team is taken care of.  That is my main job, loving on the team through coaching, keeping the lights on, money in their bank accounts and the occasional sweet treat in the mornings. When I love on them I know they have everything they need to love on you, our guest!


I love to work, it is one of my favorite things and personally what I am proudest of about myself. I love my family; I have been married to Scott for 22 years and we have two children: Nicholas (19) and Madison (15). I love to craft and I love to smile at strangers in the grocery store.  Mostly, I love life and that I get to live the life I was blessed with.







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