Meet The Curls

Meet The Curls



I love working a Pin-Up Curls because it is a home away from home. Our team is a family who supports each other and is always there for one another.

Family means everything to me. If I'm not at work, you can find me at home snuggled up with my kiddos and hubby. We love spending our weekends together, cooking, biking, or just hanging with our neighbors. I'm a huge kid at heart! Spending time with my family and doing things we love is what matters most to me.

 If you sit in my chair, we are going to become friends! I can't wait to hear all about you. I pride myself on helping my guests to style their hair the way they want by teaching them how to recreate their look step by step.

Specializes in grey coverage, precision medium to short haircuts and is a highlighting master!

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Tues, Wed, Thur, & Fri



What I love most about working at PUC is our ambition to always strive for more...and the belief that anything is possible!

Outside of work, you'll find me right there, OUTSIDE!!! I'm a huge outdoors lover. Lake life, boating, camping, and cooking over a fire is right up my alley. I think my family is pretty awesome. We love to do family activities such as themed dinner nights. We're a good time! 

What I am known for is my listening skills. I pay attention. When you are my guest, you have my 100% focus. I will give you a haircut you absolutely love and can maintain at home!

Specializes in short haircuts, grey coverage, and loves to enhance her guests best features with a personalized haircut and color.


Tues, Wed, & Thur

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I Iove working at Pin-Up Curls because I know no matter how high I want to jump for my goals my salon family will be there to back me up, support me, and help provide the tools to get me there.

When I’m not at work I’m busy being a mom! I love coming up with creative activities for us to do in the day or exploring new things!

What my guests can expect from me is MORE!!! More length, more body, fill it in, or even it out. Did I mention, I love extensions??? With extensions, I can make all your hair dreams come true!

Extension Guru, braid enthusiast and lover of all things blonde. They don't call me that blonde girl Seanie for nothing.


Tues, Thur, & Fri

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Pin-up curls took me under its wing when I was 19 years old. The Curl has grown me into the stylist and woman I am today. We are a family and it’s my home away from home

When I’m not at work I love spending time with my family, friends and dogs. I especially love jamming out at concerts or cheering at sporting events. I love to stay busy and I'm always on the go.


I am a people pleaser! I want you to absolutely love your hair. My goal is to always be a great listener so I can create a look for you that you are going to love and be able to recreate.

Loves all curly and textured hair, has an eye for short haircuts, and specializes in dimensional rich colors.


Tues, Wed, Thur, & Fri

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My favorite part about working at Pin-Up is how all my coworkers have become my best friends.

When I’m not working, you will find me with my family. Can’t go a week without seeing them. I also have an obsession for house plants. They are my babies and I love them!!! I also help take care of our salon plant babies as well.

When working with my guests, my number one goal is to make sure they leave happier than when they came in. It's believe its not always about the hair, its about taking the time to pamper yourself. I want to give you that experience. Wither it be a  time to be silent or an ear to listen, I'm here for you.

I love boho perms, Balayage and any sort of dimensions (life is too short for boring hair)


Tues, Wed & Thur

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I joined this industry because I love the art of being creative all while helping my guests feel and look beautiful! I spend a lot of time focusing on the little details that make the big impact.


When I’m not at work my husband and I like to hangout with friends, do home updates, and go canoe. Every Friday night we usually eat pizza! Our little family is completed with our Fur babies Geno, an Australian Shepard, and our cat, Oliver.

I love to give my clients their dream hair by using extensions. Whether they want to have long mermaid hair, shoulder length hair, fill in broken sides or correct a haircut gone wrong... I want to help my guests feel like the best version of themselves!

Natural blonde and brunette colors are her jam, she never met a Balayage she didn't like and she is a master when it comes to Extensions.


Wed , Thur & Fri

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 I love Pin-Up Curls because we are a family. We all there for each other and are each other’s biggest cheerleaders.

Family is so important to me. I am a proud Auntie of 5 nieces and nephews. I LOVE to spoil them all. My littlest nephews are identical twins and they are so adorable! When I'm not at work, you can find me hanging with the parentals, friends or baby sitting my favorite little peeps!

My special talent is shopping. I know how to pick out the perfect gift for everyone. That is because I focus in on their needs, wants, and likes; this comes in handy with my guests. I love to solve your hair problems wither that be with a hair cut, color, or perhaps a product recommendation. I have your prescription for your hair you've always wanted.  

 I'm a New York Fashion Week Makeup artists alum, Creating a perfect Brow is my passion, and I love crafting the perfect shade of blonde for my Blonde lovers.


Tues, Wed, Thur & Fri

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What I love most about Pin-Up Curls is its my second home. I’ve grown so close to the girls in the past 5 years and I love watching myself and everyone around me grow.

What I do when I’m not at work? I love relaxing with my hubs and Sunday family dinners at my parents

I love to solve skin care problems for my guest and make them them feeling amazing about their skin. When you're in my spa room, it's all about you! I want you to relax. I believe you should treat yourself every month to a facial and maintain it with your new home skin care routine I create for you.

My main goal is to help you love the skin you're in. I Specialize in custom facials and leg waxing


 Wed, Thur, Fri & Sat

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I Specialize in nail art and design, Preserving the health of your nails, and men’s cuts.


Tues, Wed, Thur & Fri

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Why do I love working for PinUp Curls? Because I love working for and with strong independent women who constantly push each other to succeed and truly love and value each other as a “family”. Oh, And we dress up for every holiday!!

Outside of the Curl, you'll find me spending time with my family or friends. I love to enjoy a craft beer and paint. I will paint just about anything on a canvas.


I love all things nails. I want to help people who struggle keeping shellac and or growing out their nails. I guarantee that I will take the time to learn your nails and get you on the path of strong beautiful nails beds if you let me go on that journey with you!!



 What I love most about working at Pin-Up curls is the connections and relationships that I’ve built with our clients and my co-workers. I love to See all of my favorite, friendly faces everyday!

 When I’m not at work I love to shop! I spend a lot of time with my family/friends on the weekends and church on Sunday’s. I love traveling and seeing new places and hope to travel more and see more of the world in the next couple of years.

I like helping my guest feel good about themselves. I love pampering them and making them feel at home. I really like focusing on styling with them as well because I feel like this is a common struggle among a lot of clients. It’s crazy what a good hairstyle can do to your confidence!

I specialize in Balayage and Cezanne Treatments. 


Tues, Wed, Fri & Sat

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I became a Stylists because I love making people feel great about themselves. I love this industry so much that I would shadow and help out in salons when I was just a teen. I love meeting new people & make connection’s in the community.

I love to travel, try out new restaurants and breweries & I LOVE FOOD!!!  I just love to have a good time and try new things with my friends and family. I'm the yes girl in the salon.  

I want you to have healthy hair and feel beautiful. I will teach you all my tips and tricks to make your everyday beauty routine a little easier. I can't wait to meet you!

Highlights, Curly Hair and Extensions are my jam!!! 


Tues, Wed, Fri & Sat

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I love the industry because it’s always changing for the better and it’s never boring! It definitely keeps me busy which is right up my alley.

When I’m not at work, I relax! Hey a Curl needs a break every now and then. The perfect day for me would be sipping on a nice hot chocolate and watching movies, especially Disney movies.

I'm a nail artists. I Love to help my guests learn how to keep there nails healthy. I believe that nail care is self care!

 I specialize in manicures, pedicures

and nail extensions


Wed, Fri & Sat

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I love working at Pin Up because of the family atmosphere. I’m surrounded by amazing individuals who push you to do better and be better.

I love to hike or go to a hockey game when I’m not at work.

I love to make my guests fall in love with themselves and find their confidence again

Specializing in Perfectress Extensions, long Women’s Haircuts, and Curling Hair


 Thur, Fri & Sat

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I love working at Pin Up Curls because the teamwork here is out of this world. I have never worked somewhere where everyone builds up everyone else and comes together to help.

I love bird watching and feeding the birds in our front yard. I always love seeing a new visitor! Squirrels, raccoons, chipmunks, groundhogs, and opossums are welcome, too!!!

I love when I can make someone feel like their best self and boost that self esteem! I love being their hype girl!

Specializes in Men's Haircuts, Pixie Cuts and Fashion Color's


Tues & Sat

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I became an esthetician because I wanted to help everyone love the skin they are in. I want to not only pamper you but educate you on how to achieve your skin goals.

When not at work you will find me snuggled up with my fur babies. I'm a huge dog lover, how about you??? 

When you are in my Spa Room, I want you to relax and just take that time for you! It's my goal for you to leave feeling rejuvenated and pampered.

Specializes in customized Facials and Hot Stone Massage


Tues, Wed & Thur

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I joined the industry because I love skincare and making people feel and look their best.


When I'm not at work, I'm always looking for a great place to walk or hike, crocheting or spending time with family

I believe that Men want to have great skin as well and I'm here to help!!!

Specializing in Men's Skincare and Massage 


Tues, Thur & Fri

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Specializing in Manicures & Pedicures



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Specializes in Blonding & Lived in Colors

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