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Why Eufora Shampoo

Have you ever actually paid attention to the size of the hole on your shampoo bottle?  These two shampoos are actually both professional brand products. Their BIGGEST difference? The first ingredient on the back of the bottle. The one on the left (a Eufora shampoo) is based with ALOE. That means this shampoo is condensed and there is absolutely no water is in this bottle, which also means, you need to USE LESS. That’s why the hole on top is so small because you’re not supposed to be able to easily pour a large amount of shampoo on your hand. The bottle on the right (also a professional grade product) which is based with WATER. This means you are going to need to use a lot more product to get the job done. This is also why the opening of the bottle is so much larger, you have to use more. I don’t know about you but I wash my hair in the shower, where there is already water, so I’m not sure why we would also need water to be in our shampoo.

Seanie Culbertson