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Spread JOY

As we draw closer to this JOYful holiday season we hope that our Curl friends spread a little JOY this season through kindness, gratitude and the gift of beauty. Spread joy to everyone on your list and ALL those around you; Curl Friends, Family, Co-workers, Strangers and even those in NEED. Check out our 6 Techniques to Spread JOY. We hope you find them as beneficial as we have.


Go out of your way to specifically tell someone thank you for everything they have done for you and for how they have assisted you in your life. A note, small gift, or just taking the time to thank them in person are simple measures to express your gratitude.


We often listen to respond to what people are saying rather than listening to understand. If someone is talking to you, they want to be heard, we all do! Put away any distractions and focus on them with your full attention. You never know the level of importance of what is being said and how much that person needs you. Always be present for them and listen empathetically.


If someone shows you kindness and you feel JOY from this, then pay it forward to the best of your ability. Even the smallest act of kindness should be spread! Smile at strangers, give someone flowers for no reason and begin a work email with a few grateful words. Bake some cookies and give them to a neighbor. Be creative, be the sunshine and SPREAD JOY!


It is very easy to fall into a judgmental and critical mindset, however, most people do not respond well to criticism. Consider how you would feel. Many work significantly better when told how great they are doing, it encourages them to strive harder and boosts esteem. Avoid judging people, we have no idea what has happened previously in their day or life to cause them to act or be a certain way. A kind word can have a huge impact.


If you have read an inspirational quote, listened to a motivational podcast, read a life changing book, watched an educational documentary or witnessed an incredible act then share that with your family, friends or even the world. This is so simple, social media can be an audience at your fingertips.


If someone is rude to me, or unkind, what do I gain from being rude or mean in return? What does it achieve? It just sours everyone’s day. It’s also possible that they are being that way because someone or something has put them in that mood. Hopefully a positive reaction can shift their mindset and maybe they will be a little kinder to the next person. It is difficult not to respond negatively in some situations. However, before responding just question yourself, what will my response accomplish?