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NBR Testimonial

Are you tired of your hair not living up to your expectations? It won’t grow or it feels that way! You have a desired length in mind but your hair never gets to that point. Maybe you struggle with fine hair. There are a lot of ways your hair can let you down, that's why I fell in love with hair extensions. Hi I’m Erin Raber, owner of Pin-Up Curls. Even with being a licensed stylist, my dreams of long luscious hair fell short until I was introduced to Extensions. I’ve had all types and honestly, each one I have had has been better than the last. That is because in the hair industry, things improve and change everyday. Today, I'm wearing our newest form of extensions, the NBR technique, which Alyssa Sellers and Seanie Culbertson currently offer here at Pin-Up Curls.  So what is so different about this technique? The NBR technique uses hand tied hair wefts. These wefts have an invisible seam which makes them blend into your natural hair more effortlessly. The wefts are customly layered for your desired thickness. They come in 3 different lengths: 14, 18, and 22 inches. Mine are 18 inches. Depending on your body type, the way the length of hair looks on you can vary. My 18’s look like 22’s because I’m 5’3 and short waisted. 

Why I fell in love with NBR is because of the versatility you get with them. Like I said, I’ve had them all! When Seanie first applied this technique, I could see and feel a huge difference. They were invisible and blended in with my hair perfectly! I was able to part my hair down the middle and do two french braids!!! What???? In love! I literally can wear my hair anyway I choose. My personal favorite is a high sleek ponytail. 

I have learned extensions are a commitment and an investment. You need to be ready to take care of these babies. If you're going to invest in extensions, you also need to think about investing in a powerful hairdryer. We all have a curling iron we love; but did you know we sell a long-barreled curling iron that has 2 extra inches of curling surface? The Curls will also recommend must have hair care products that are included as a gift with NBR package. I find it does take time to do my hair on shampoo days but good news, I only find myself shampooing twice a week. One regular shampoo and one day I do something called a crown wash. The rest of the days I brush it and style however I choose for the day. I do sleep with my hair tied back in a low braid, but that's it! I work out, swim, and do all the everyday things just like I normally would.

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