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Why is it so important to get regular haircuts?

Simple answer is to avoid split ends.

So what are some signs you need a haircut?

  1. Are your ends drying faster than the rest of your hair? This means your ends have become so porous and are no longer holding moisture.

  2. You have split ends.

  3. Your hair has become limp, lacking volume, and has lost its shape.

  4. Hard to comb and becomes tangled.

  5. Naturally curls have become straight and lost bounce.

  6. Hair has become dull.

When should you be getting haircuts?

General rule of thumb is every 8-12 weeks. Shorter hair will require cuts every 4-6 weeks to avoid losing shape.

With a regular haircut and these split end maintenance you'll have the best hair in no time.

  1. Easy in the brushing. Use a wet brush or wide tooth comb.

  2. Low maintenance hair, minimal hot tool usage.

  3. If using a hot tool ALWAYS use a heat protector. Don't forget the sun gets hot for hair too! Hats are a great source of protection.

  4. Leave in conditioners

  5. Trim your split ends at least 1" above the split.

  6. Schedule regular trims with your stylist and conditioning treatments.

❤ Shenna Knight


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