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Is A Keratin Treatment Right For Me?

About keratin treatments and whether they are suitable for you? Let me clarify that they are! But what is a keratin treatment, and what advantages does it provide? Keratin is a protein that creates a protective layer around your hair, which helps to eliminate frizz while enhancing the overall health of your hair. It's worth noting that keratin treatments do not straighten your hair, so if you have curls or waves, they will remain as they are. However, the treatment will make your curls more manageable and easier to straighten your hair. If you're having trouble with your hair's condition, a keratin treatment can also help.

At Pin-Up Curls, we offer two types of keratin treatments: the Brazilian Blowout, which provides you with up to 12 weeks of healthy and manageable hair, and the Cezanne treatment, which is an instant treatment for six weeks or the Classic Cezanne, which provides you with five months. Discuss which treatment is best suited for your hair type with your stylist.

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