Ever wondered what your stylists favorite go-to Eufora products were?
Well, we've got their picks!

Erin's pick:  Facial Care!
                   Step 1:  Wash face with Urgent Repair shampoo
                   Step 2:  Prime face with Beautifying Serum
                   Step 3:  Apply Body Blends moisturizer
                   *Tips from Erin*
                    1) You can use the Fortify Spray as a toner
                    2)  Hydrate Leave-In Conditioner can be used as
                         your SPF 15.

Sam's Pick:  Firm Mist
                     Firm Mist is great for prepping hair that is about to
                     be curled or flat ironed.  It holds the curl but
                     doesn't make the hair crunchy!

Lyndsay's Pick:  If you want volume and texture...
                           Mix a quarter size amount of Sculpture Styling
                           Glaze with a pea size amount of Piece Works!

Shenna's Pick:  Beautifying Serum
                          A great wearable treatment that repairs the hair
                          from the inside out!

Brittany's Pick:  For Smooth and Sleek hair:
                         Mix a nickel size amount of Smooth and
                         Straightening Balm with a drop of Pure Polish!
                         Apply to damp, towel-dried hair, and work into
                         the ends and midstrands of your locks.  Avoid
                         applying product at the root.  This combo will
                         give you smooth hair without the added weight!

Jeni's Pick:  Color Locking System
                   The color locking system which is composed of the 
                   Sculpture Styling Glaze and the Illuminate Shine
                   Mist, is a great jump start for prepping your hair.  It
                   makes the hair easy to manage and leaves it

(1/29-04) Need lift and body?  Eufora's Powder Lift is fool proof!!!  Sprinkle on where you need height, rough up with fingertips, and POOF!!! INSTAND VOLUME!!  

(1/22-28)  For instant volume mix Whipped Styling Solution & Powder Lift.  Apply to damp hair and round brush for great moveable volume and texture!